Adjusting a violation to zero dollars

When do we use this?

There are cases where an admin might decide to reduce the cost of a violation to zero dollars. There are a few methods of achieving this. This article outlines the various ways an admin can zero out a fine amount.

Adjusting the fine amount by editing the ticket:

  1. To adjust the fine amount on the ticket go to the user's profile and locate the violation you wish to reduce.

  2. Click on the ticket number to access the Violation Information detail screen.

  3. Click on the Edit button in the upper right corner to access the Edit Violation Information page.
    Halfway down the page you will see the offence listed as well as the amount of the violation.
    Edit the dollar value of the fine to $0.00. 
    Click on Update this Violation to save your changes.

  4. The violation will now appear in the user profile as a zero dollar fine.

Cancelling a fine by changing the ticket to a warning:

An admin can change a ticket to a warning which will result in cancelling the fine amount. 

  1. To do so edit the ticket as described above.
  2. Check the box next to the word Warning to change the state of the ticket. Click on Update this Violation to save your changes.

  3. The ticket will appear as follows in the user history. (Captured here from the admin side.)

  4. This is how it would appear on the user side:

Adjusting the fine amount by processing an adjustment:

This scenario is slightly different as adjustments to fines are done after the initial fine has been paid for.

  1. To begin, go to the user's history and locate the violation you wish to zero out.
    In our example we are using Ticket number TT-10011.
    Click on the Adjust link on the left.

  2. The Create Adjustment Record window will open. 
    Enter the amount you wish to reduce the fine by. In this case the current fine is $40.00 (the violation had a fine of $50.00, but was paid within the widow where the discount of $10.00 applied)
    It is advisable to enter a comment as to why the fine is being reduced.

  3. This method will place an adjustment on the user's account. This is what it will look like in the payments tab.
    This adjustment can be applied to a future payment or be processed as a refund.

Adjusting the fine through the appeals process

A fine can be adjusted or reduced to zero through the appeals process.