Ticket Offence Items

Once you have Ticket Types in place, you can setup your Ticket Offence Items under each Ticket Type. This article explains how Administrators can add, remove and edit the offences that are used to issue Violations. Fine amounts are set and the discount for each offence is administered here. This option is also accessed via Violations, Offence Types.

Managing Ticket Offence Items

Hover over the Admin Options icon and click Violations then Manage Ticket Offence Items.

The Manage Ticket Offence Items screen lists the available Ticket Types and their associated offences.

The default view will be Unassigned Offence Items.

Add New Offence Item

In this example we will add a violation type to Private Property. Click on Add New Offence Item
The screen will refresh with eh blank violation entry form.
Note: The Parked in Loading Zone text is for placement only and simple stands as an example.

Edit this text to reflect the name of the violation you wish to configure.
In our example here we are setting up Parked With No Proof Of Payment and selecting Private Property as the category.

Applying Discounts to Violations In the Future 

It is possible that you could issue a violation in the system with an offence item that had the Apply Discount button toggled off by accident or in the past. If you would like to apply a discount to these violations, you need to toggle the Apply Discount button as well as update the violation in question. Please follow this short video that demonstrates how we can do this.

Setting the Fine Amount

We can now set up the basic monetary perimeters of this violation.  (See image below)
In this example the fine amount is set at $30.00 
The Apply Discount state is selected in order to allow the discount to apply.
The discount amount is set to $10.00 and the number of days where the discount applies is set to 14.

Which means:
The fine is $30.00 but a discount of $10.00 will be applied if the fine is paid within 14 days making the collected fine $20.00.
After 14 days the discount does not apply and the collected fine will be the full $30.00. 
Click on Save Ticket Offence Item to save this configuration. 
You will be returned to the list view with your new offence listed below the Ticket Type.

Optional Configurations


The Key field is typically used by clients who want to indicate tracking codes for violations. 

By-Law Code

The By-Law Code field is used by municipalities to send violations to court for collections. It is a text field that accepts 20 alpha-numeric characters.

Ticket Offence Items can be deleted if there are no violations written for that particular violation. Once the violation has been used the violation can be archived but not deleted.
They are archived in order to preserve the integrity of any data associated with this Offence Item.

Adjust Fine Amount

By selecting the "Adjust Fine Amount" box in the ticket configuration screen this will allow the patrol officer to change the fine amount i the field on the handheld unit. By default this feature is turned off and the fine amount will appear on the handheld unit as a grey text figure amount and it can not be edited.
Once turned on however the fine amount will be in black text and officers will have the ability to edit the amount. Scenarios where this may be useful is for example, are repeat offenders or multiple offences. The officers can, at their discretion, increase the ticket amount and add a note explaining the augmentation of the fine due to repeat violations. Conversely, the fine may be reduced in some cases. When giving multiple violations for example should you not want to charge the full amount of two or three combined violations, the officer can adjust the fine amount lower in accordance with your business rules.

Administration Fees

You can create admin fees to be used in the system by selecting the Administrative Fee checkbox. This is useful for Conviction Fees or Booting Fees.
It is also important to note that items designated as Administration fees do not show on the Handheld units. They will only be visible on the admin interface.

In our example below we are setting up an $20.00 administration fee charged for removing a boot from a vehicle.
Click on the Administration Fee box to toggle it on. This will make it so the offence item is no longer synced with the handheld stopping patrol officers from having the option to select this offence item in the future.
Set the Fine Amount to $20.00
Click on Save Ticket Offence Item to save the item

Helpful information

Ordering the list of Violation Types

If you would like to sort the list of violations in a specific order the system will sort the list alphanumerically. Therefore if you number the Violations Type Description they will appear in the order you number them both on the admin interface as well as the handheld unit. 

Spaces also work; a space is considered higher than an 'A'..  So you can prefix the offences with spaces to assist with the sort order.
For example:

<space><space>Zebra offence
<space>Test offence
A test offence

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