Ticket Warnings Explained

This page explains the warning ticket and a spoiled ticket.

Below is, a sample of a warning ticket, a sample of an actual violation ticket and a sample of the back of a ticket/warning provided by the OPS-COM software.


Explanation of the Front of the Ticket/Warning

Ticket Number - This is a system assigned number that identifies each individual violation/warning.

Date - This is the date that the violation/warning was issued on.

Ticket Type - This identifies the type of violation that occurred (broad range category).

License Plate - This is the license plate number for the vehicle that incurred the violation.

Province - This is the province that the license plate is issued in.

Offense Type - This identifies the specific violation that occurred.

Location - This identifies the location where the violation occurred.

Writer - This is a system assigned number that identifies the enforcement officer that issued the violation. Each enforcement officer has their own unique number and can be verified by administrators. The writer is identified by a unique identifier to provide security to the enforcement officer. If you require more information about the ticket writer you can search the violation on the admin side and get an actual name for the person who wrote the ticket. 

Fine - This is the amount owed for the particular violation. Note, on the warning ticket the amount is followed by "*Warning". This indicates that the amount on the ticket is not owing, but this is the amount that would be due if a ticket for the same violation was issued.

Towing - This is the amount due if the vehicle that incurred the violation had to be towed.

Comments - This section includes any additional notes that the enforcement officer wants to include.

Explanation of the Back of the Ticket/Warning

The back of the ticket provides details about the organization that issued the ticket and the policies and procedures regarding the ticket. The back clearly identifies how the violator can pay or appeal the ticket with a section for the violator to identify themselves and sign off on the ticket. The back also identifies where to find additional information on the organization and the office hours. 

Warnings and Spoiled Tickets

Warning is a warning that the user has broken the rules.  The warning is tracked as a zero dollar violation that is processed immediately upon syncing to the server.  The idea here is that a user will still get a ticket, but won't have to pay for it.  A slap on the wrist as they say..

Spoiled refers to the old concept of spoiling a ticket.  Back in the day (of paper!) a patrol might be writing up a ticket and the user shows up and moves their car.  The ticket is then said to be spoiled, or another example might be a patrol entering the wrong plate/vehicle details.  This is also a void type ticket and in this case like it never happened.