Configure Violations to a Person

It is possible to setup the OPS-COM system to give violations to people as well as vehicles. This is useful for issuing speeding or bylaw citations such as smoking.

Setting up Violation Entries 

Before you can issue violations you must enable Link violations to users in System Settings, Violations before issuing violations by person or vehicle. Please refer to the Violations section in this wiki article for information about enabling the "Link Violations to Users" setting. 

Managing Ticket Categories

Hover over Admin Options, select Violations, then Manage Ticket Categories

Select the Ticket Category that is being updated to allow users to receive violations, in this example Municipal is being selected

Select Users in the Violation Applies To section

Image displaying the Manage Ticket Categories

Now when entering a violation of this offence type it will be possible to apply the violation to a person. The rest of the violation entry process follows the standard procedure explained in this wiki article.

Image displaying where to click to enter a violation on a person