Appeals Report

Administrators can review violation appeals to cancel tickets, grant appeals with reduced fines or uphold appealed violations. In the event that the appeal time has expired and no appeal has been applied for, then the Admin can still grant an appeal by editing the violation and using the Appeal area in the edit window.

To review appeals as an admin hover over the Violations icon and click Appeals and then select Appeals Report.

The Appeals Report page is displayed with information related to the violation and appeal date. 

Click View Info beside a person's name to get details on that appeal. The User Appeal History screen displays.

Additional Options

If you click the person's username, you will be taken to the Edit User Profile page. If you click the ticket number, you will be able to view the Violation Information page.

All information on the appeal is displayed. The user history is displayed as well as user and vehicle information.  

Click the Action Taken picker and choose to Uphold, Reduce or Cancel this violation. In this example, Reduce Violation has been selected and a new fine amount is entered. In the box for Comments to Send to Appellant, enter your comments regarding your appeal decision.

Click the Submit button when finished to process the appeal and to email the user.

This is an example of the email that will go to the user, your email might look different from ours depending on your set up. 

Alternatively, you can follow steps taken from the 'Edit a Violation as an Administrator' page excerpted below:

Edit a Violation
Administrators can make changes to basic information and deal with appeals for this Violation however once a user pays for the violation the comments are locked and admins must use the Violation Notes for further comments. Simply click the Ticket has not been appealed. Show appeals form text to get the appeal information. 

Highlighted in yellow is the Appeals section. The different fields in the 'Appeals Area' are explained below:

Ticket Appealed - This is the date in the first picker and how the appeal was filed in the second picker.

Fine Action - Choose from Upheld, Reduced or Cancelled

Offense Value - The amount can be manually edited if Reduced on appeal but will automatically be reduced to 0.00 if Cancelled. You can also edit the Offence Value directly.

Appeal Reason - The reason for launching the appeal can be recorded here. This field can be viewed by the user.

Appeal Admin Comment - This is for private appeal notes. These notes are not viewable by the user.

Change the Actioned per: field by selecting the Admin account making the changes from the picker.

Click  Update this Violation and a message will appear letting you know that the violation has been updated.