Search Repeat Offenders Report

When do we use this?

The Search Repeat Offenders report allows administrators to search for users with Multiple Violations issued. You can filter on Date, Ticket Type, Number of Violations and User Types.

1. Hover over the Violations icon and click 'Search Repeat Offenders'.

2. The 'Search Repeat Offenders' screen is displayed. Select your parameters for the search. In this example, we are looking for Offenders with two (2) or more violations between January and May.

Click 'Return Violations' and the offenders' list will appear at the bottom of the screen.

3.  If you want to work further with the data, an excel document will be generated when you click 'Export to Excel'

4.  If you wish to view more information on the vehicle, click on the warning icon next to the plate number. If you wish to view information about the user click on the 'User Profile' icon.