Spoiling a Violation

This is used to cancel a manual ticket if an officer has started to write a manual violation and then VOIDS it. This could occur when an officer makes a mistake on the ticket or the person at fault comes back to their vehicle and moves it. The violation is marked "Spoiled" as paper violations are incrementally numbered and must be accounted for.

Keep in mind that spoiling a ticket will not remove it from the payments report if that violation has already been processed. 

How to Spoil a Violation

To spoil a violation start by searching for the violation through the Quick Search or Violation Search tool. 

Drill into the payment details on the Violation Information page

Select Edit at the top right of the violation and change the Spoiled status from Valid - not spoiled to Spoiled

Submit the changed violation details and your ticket will now be marked as Spoiled the next time you go to search for it. 

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