Handhelds Devices Settings

You can view the current devices that are connected to your account and the status of each device. 

Navigate to Handhelds Devices

Select System Configuration → Violations → Handhelds Devices.

The Handhelds - Common Settings screen appears where you can edit the number of days before a ticket is due, customize the ticket footer, view device information, and manage handhelds.  

Adding A New Device

When adding a new handheld device strt by installing the OPS-COM for Android software. Apon first login you will get a notice that the device is not registered and the mesasage will give you a UUID number to be used. It's a 16 diget aplhanumeric code that appears under your login screen. Use that UUID to configure your Handheld Common regisration process.

Once in Handheld Common click on Add New Device.

A screen will open up where you must add:

  • The UUID (Where is the UUID?  First Time Installation - Android)
  • Set a Server to Sync with (always start with the Production Server)
  • A name you'd like to use to identify this device by.

Also important is to ensure Enabled is selected at the top of the entry form.
Once you have this information in place click on Add Device

Pushing Messages 

You can also push messages out to handheld units. Click the 'Push Message' button and follow the prompts. 

To find out more about Alert Messages please click here.

Updating Device Data

Click the device you wish to update to get a drop-down list of the settings you can change. 

Make sure you select Process Updates when you are finished. 

Important Note - Additional Information

By virtue of how the Handheld Common tool functions. It's always part of the process to start setting up a unit on the production side regardless of whether it is to be used in Production or as a test unit on Preview.

For initial handheld connection, the system always connects to production first, then looks at the PA Common/handheld_assignment table where the units are registered to then know if they are registered on Production or Preview. That's the logic path so it is important to always write the tables from production side first. 

Additionally, this is why we can refresh preview sites without loosing the Handheld units that are configured to specific preview sites.

Adding a Handheld Unit to Preview for Testing

To add a handheld unit to preview you must first add it to handheld common on the production admin portal. You would fill everything in as normal but select the preview server as the entry in Sync With.

This will set the proper route for the handheld unit in the database. You will then need to go to the preview server and enter the same information into the preview site.
Then perform a reinstall of the software. This will allow the handheld to pick up thr new path to preview that you have set.

Once the entry is in both Production and Preview you can switch back and forth fairly easily. You repoint the sync with setting to the preferred path on both Production and Preview.
You have to do a reinstall each time you change the path in order for the handheld unit itself to be updated with the selected path.