Permit Misuse Notification

In the OPS-COM system it is possible for a user to have a permit associated to more than one vehicle. This creates the possibility for misuse of the permit by having more than one vehicle parked using the same permit.

Setting up the Permit Misuse Timer

Select the System Settings menu item

Image displaying the system settings menu item

Scroll to the Advanced Settings section of the settings, select Permit Sharing and Misuse 

Image displaying the Permit Misuse Setting

When you tap on Permit Sharing and Misuse Timer, a menu will open allowing you to chose the length of time the first vehicle capture will be "remembered" by the system. Once you set a time the function is turned on.

In our example the system will present a warning if the second vehicle is scanned within an hour of the first vehicle scan. After that point the first read is forgotten so to speak and the process starts over again.

Image displaying the Permit Misuse Timer screen

Permit Misuse Alert

When you search for a vehicle that shares a permit with another that was recently seen, an alert will appear on the device to notify you of possible permit misuse. 

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