Search Vehicles

The Vehicle Search option allows staff/enforcement officers to search vehicles by plate and view details about that vehicle. This is often an important first step in the Violation Issuance process.

Search Vehicles Menu

Tap on the Search Vehicles option

If you are connecting to a preview system of OPS-COM you will have one additional menu item at the top of the list indicating that fact.

Search Vehicle Panel

The green dot indicates the unit is connected to a wifi or 3G/LTE source.

Static connection is not necessary since the device does maintain a cache of information.

If the dot is yellow that would indicate the unit does not have a connection but searches may still be performed.

Entering Search Criteria

There are three methods to enter the plate information.

Text using the keypad

Voice command using the built in mic

LPR using OCR technology through the tablet's camera

Text Search

Using Text - On the Vehicle Search screen, enter the plate number or VIN number that you want to search and tap on the Search button.
The vehicle details will appear below the search area.

 Example using a plate:

 Example using a VIN:

Voice Search

Using Voice - Select the microphone. 
The google voice recognition "Say Something" page appears, say the license plate number out loud.

LPR/OCR Camera Search

Tap the camera icon to enter LPR Search mode.

Line up the plate with the rectangle.  
Long press the screen to take a shot and the screen refreshes with a list of possible plate numbers. 

Select the plate number that matches the image. In this case tap BDHE385.

For tips on capturing plates using OCR technology, click here.

Selecting the vehicle being searched for expands a yellow ribbon which displays available options.

Three buttons will appear beneath the license plate for Virtual Chalk, Issue Violation, and Details. 

Select the permit that appears underneath the license plate number to review the expiry details.

Alternately select the Details button to view all permit details.