Permits Search

When do we use this?

The Permit Search option allows staff/enforcement officers to search permits and view details about that permit. This is often an important first step in the Violation Issuance process.

There are two ways to search for permits using the OPS-COM for Android app. You can search for the permit by typing it in or use the barcode scanner if your permits have them and have been configured in OPS-COM Admin.

Search by Typing in the Permit

Tap on the option for Permit Search.

On the Permit Search screen, enter the permit number that you want to look up and tap on the Search button.

If there are any vehicles associated with that permit number, a summary screen will display with the permit number, vehicle information (license plate number, vehicle make, model and color), DNTT (Do Not Ticket or Tow) authorization and violation information.

If there is DNTT (Do Not Ticket or Tow) authorization associated with any of the vehicles, you can tap and hold to get a pop-up message that will provide you with the DNTT details. The Vehicle DNTT details show the licence plate that is associated with the DNTT, when the DNTT expires and the location/lot where the DNTT is authorized for. Select the OK button to go back to the Permit Search screen.

Search by Scanning Barcode

When do we use this?

Scan Barcode allows enforcement officers to scan a barcode and view the associated details. This feature is enabled by the camera on the tablet and may require that barcode scanning app is installed if the device does not already have one. In addition, it must be setup in the OPS-COM for Android System Settings.

Enabling the Bar Code Scanner

To enable the Barcode Scanner, open the OPS-COM app, and tap System Settings

 Scroll down to Advanced Settings, Then enable Temp Permit Barcodes

Using the "Barcode Scanner"

Tap on the third option in the main menu for Scan Barcode.

This will take you to the Barcode Scanner screen with the tablet camera activated.  Hold the tablet over the barcode so that the red line goes through the barcode until you hear a beep and the red line turns green.

Once the barcode has been scanned, the OPS-COM system will provide one of two messages to indicate if the temporary permit is valid or not. The red pop-up message indicates an invalid temporary permit.  The message shows the barcode number and states that the code is not recognized by the system. If this message appears, the enforcement officer will want to investigate further and do a search by the license plate before issuing a violation.

The green pop-up message indicates a valid temporary permit. The message shows the following information:

    • Plate  - This is the plate number that is associated with the temporary parking permit
    • Permit No - This is the permit number associated with the temporary parking permit
    • Lot Name - This is the name of the parking lot where the temporary permit holder is allowed to park
    • Valid Until - This is the date and time that the temporary permit is valid until
    • DNTT - This indicates if DNTT (Do Not Ticket or Tow) has been authorized for this license plate. 
      If DNTT is listed here as being authorized, do not issue a violation for this plate.