Manual Violation Entry

The web-based admin tool allows Patrol Officers to enter violation details without the use of OPS-COM for Android.  Violations can be issued to either a person or a vehicle. This article explains how to enter a violation for a vehicle with links to the details for entering a violation to a person.

Entering a Violation

Hover over the Violations icon and click Violation Entry.

The Enter Basic Violation Information screen is displayed. The numbered fields are explained below:

#1 - Spoiled - This is used to cancel a manual ticket. This allows incrementally numbered paper violations to be accounted for.

#2 - Auto Generated - Ticket numbers can now be Auto Generated if this checkbox is enabled.

#3 - Warning -  All violations can now be issued as a warning by enabling the 'Warning' checkbox. You will no longer pick 'Warning' as a Ticket Type.

#4 and #5 - Vehicle or Person - If you have the features enabled you can issue a violation to a Vehicle or a Person.

Enter all known information in the fields provided. Click the Search Vehicles button to find vehicle information by the license plate or VIN number. You can choose a vehicle or add a new one from the Search area. There are a number of actions you can take from this screen.

  • If you click the Plate number, you will select the vehicle.
  • If you click the Pencil you can edit the vehicle details
  • If you click the Permit you can look at the Permit details for the vehicle.
  • If you click the Red Flag, you can view Alarms related to this individual. Note, this will only be available if you have the Alarms features enabled.
  • If you click the Red Alerts button, you can see the Incident Alerts associated with this individual. Note, this will only be available if you have the Incidents features turned on.

After you have selected the correct fields click the Enter Violation button to proceed.

Entering and Confirming Violation Information

The Enter Violation Information screen is displayed. Allowing the Administrator to enter more details about the Violation. 

Click the Record this Violation button. The Confirm Violation Information screen is displayed. Verify the details are correct and click the Information Correct button to save the violation.


Keep in mind that if the discounts have not been applied to the offence item or are turned off at the time you are associating the offence to this violation, that you will not see the discount until you turn it back on and update the violation information. This video shows you how you can go about updating violations so that there are now discounts associated with them: 

Violation Entry Completed

Once you have submitted the violation the Violation Entry Complete screen will appear where you can choose to print, view, search violations. 

Manually Entering Hard Copy or Anonymous Ticket 

Searching a vehicle that does not exist in the system will allow you to write an anonymous ticket to that plate or to transcribe hard copied tickets with no users. The user can then navigate to the login screen and pay for the ticket using OPS-COM Quick Pay/Guest Payments without logging in. 

Violation Entry Video