Automatic Violation Notice

The Automatic Violation Notice Script sends New and Past Due violation notice emails to ParkAdmin users. 

For a Lucid Chart Diagram See: Technical Schematic - Step #1

OPS-COM Settings to be Confirmed:

Notice related settings are set under System Config > Notice Literature:

Violation days until due is set in Tomahawk Options > System Settings:

There are additional settings that will affect whether or not all unpaid violations will be added to the letter or if the selected violations will only be included when it comes time to create the letter report. These settings are found under System Settings → Collections → Include All Unpaid Violations. As mentioned this will allow you to select a single violation in the list and generate a report for all violations associated with that user. Keep in mind that means it will also remove the associated violations from the pick-list on the Printable Violation Notice Report page even if you only have one of the violations selected. 

Notice/Email Summary:

In total there are 4 different types of emails that will be sent once the above is setup:

  • User overdue account notice (lets normal users know they have a violation(s) past due in OPS-COM).

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  • User new violation notice (lets normal users know they have a new violation issued to them the day of, *note: it seems this will NOT notify older violations once enabled, e.g. violation that is 3 days old vs 1 day old, would only notify the 1 day old user since it's "new").

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  • Admin new violation report notice (emails the OPS-COM administrator telling them how many new violation emails were sent).

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  • Admin past due violation report notice (emails the OPS-COM administrator telling them how many users were emailed past due violation emails AND also how many users couldn't be emailed because they didn't have an email address in the system. These users are added to the "letter report", more info below).

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The NIC Letter

As part of the MTO process an admin can set up a Notice of Impending Conviction (NIC) letter that can be sent to users who have outstanding violations that will be collected through Ontatio courts.
To configure this letter go to System Messaging and edit the Notice Letter found in the Messages tab.

You can read more about Notice Letters/NIC on this page.

Letter Report:

Users who couldn't be emailed their overdue violations are added to the letter report, which is accessible under Violations > Letter report on the OPS-COM Website. The letter report was created so that OPS-COM administrators can print and mail out overdue violations if they so choose.

Note: When arriving at this page the results can fall into two categories: Printable Violation Notices and Unprintable. The Unprintable means that there is an incomplete mailing address.

Resending a NIC Letter

Once a NIC letter has been sent it is stored with the associated violation. If for any reason you wish to resend or re-output the letter you can do so from the ticket detail. Search for the ticket or locate it on the user's profile then click on the ticket number to view the ticket detail. From here you will see the Overdue Letter button. By clicking on this button you will be able to view and resend the notice.