Types of Reimbursement

When do we use this?

This explains the different types of adjustments you can use in OPS-COM.


Cancel Transaction

  • To cancel a transaction before a payment is processed

When would you cancel a transaction?

  • User decides not to follow through on a promise to pay


  • Items in the transaction are released back to the system
  • The promise to pay is removed from the user (user no longer owes money)


  • Alter the cost of an item before it has been paid for
  • Alter the value of a transaction after it has been paid for

When would you apply an adjustment?

  • User was charged too much or too little for an item
  • User is being refunded part of a transaction (ie. not longer using item; pro-rated refund)
  • Adjustments can be positive or negative
    • Can also be considered refunds, but full transaction refunds are a different option


  • Items are not released back to the system

What does a refund look like in the system?

  • Item is (or items are) returned after it has been paid for
  • Transaction needs to be cancelled after it has been paid for

When would you give a refund?  

  • User has decided against the purchase
  • Transaction is totally incorrect and it is easier to start over
  • A refund can be used to reverse the transaction


  • Transaction items are released back to the system
  • If there is more than one item in the transaction, all items will be reimbursed and all items are released back to the system. If only one item needs to be refunded/reimbursed, do an adjustment and release the item separately.