Payment Adjustments

Releasing a Permit.

  1. If you know the permit number perform a permit search. If you do not know the permit number, go to the user profile for whom you wish to release a permit.
    Click on the permit number on the user dashboard.

  2. From the permit detail click on the permit number

  3. You will be taken to permit search where you can released the permit

  4. It is advisable to leave a comment in order to track the reason the permit was released. Click release this permit.

  5. A pop up window will appear. Click OK to confirm the release of the permit.

  6. A confirmation message will app[ear.

  7. Now when you search the permit it will appear as available.

Refunding a Permit:

Refunding a Violation

  1. Once a user has paid a violation it can be refunded and placed back in awaiting payment status.
  2. Go to the user's history and search for the violation you wish to refund. Click on the work Processed to access the transaction details.

  3. Click on the Refund button to begin the process of refunding the violation

  4. A Refund payment Record window will open. It is advisable to enter a comment as to the reason the refund is being given. 

  5. Click on OK in the resulting pop up confirmation screen to complete the process.

  6. The adjustment Information window will appear. Click on Process This Adjustment.

  7. The transaction screen will refresh indicating "The associated transaction was dropped or refunded; any refund details will appear below."
    Notice the refund appears as an adjustment in the transaction record.
  8. If you were to look at the user's history you will see the violation is back to requiring a payment.

Refunding a Locker

  1. To refund a locker, find the locker in the user's profile history. Click on the process date to access the transaction detail.

  2. Refund the locker by clicking the refund button.

  3. The refund payment record window will open. It is advisable to enter a comment as to why the locker is being refunded.
    Click Refund Payment Record

  4. A confirmation screen will open. Click OK to continue.

  5. the adjustment Information screen will open. Click on Process This Adjustment to complete the process.
  6. In the user's history the locker now shows as released.

  7. In the list of lockers in the building area the locker will appear as available after this process.

Refunding a Temp Permit

  1. Buy a Temp Permit
  2. Pay Temp Permit
  3. Refund Temp Permit
  4. Temp Permit is Released

Refunding a Violation and a Permit

  1. Buy Permit
  2. Get Violation
  3. Pay for Violation and Permit
  4. Refund Payment
  5. Violation needs to be paid, permit is now available

Adjusting a violation to $0

  2. Well I guess it can be done but the process is rough
  3. Create a Payment with a permit and a violation
  4. Adjust permit to cover the violation as well as the permit
  5. Release the permit