Setting Payment Types by User Type

The OPS-COM system has the ability to limit certain payment types based on user type. 
As an example, you may want staff members to see Payroll Deduction as a payment type but not students. Student might see Campus Card as a payment type whereas Staff members would not. This article describes the process an admin must go through in order to allow different payment types for different users.

Configuring Payment Types

The first step is to find the user type you wish to apply the permission to use a specific payment type to. This tool can be found In the Admin Options Menu. Hover over Users and select User Types from the drop down list.

Once the User Type Administration screen appears click edit on the user type for which you wish to configure a payment type.

The screen will refresh with the following form for you to make your selections. (See the section on the bottom labeled Allowed Payment types.)
Payment types that are active for this specific user will list in the section labeled Active Payment Types.

Adding Payment Types

Payment types that are not active for the user will appear in a section labeled Inactive Payment Types. By selecting these additional payment types and clicking on Update User Type the page will refresh and the new allowed payment type will then appear in the Active Payment Types list.

Extended Payment Information

For each payment type selected there is extended information. You will see a general description of the payment type as well as an indication of what the user will be prompted for when selecting the payment type.
For example in a Hosted Payment scenario such as EdgeExpress the user will be prompted to enter an email address prior to being directed to the payment provider where they will enter their credit card information.

There are also three columns on the far right that will indicate by X or checkmark for specific uses of the payment type:
Column 1 - Indicates this payment type can be used for guest payments
Column 2 - Indicates this payment type can be used for permit and invoice renewal payments
Column 3 - Indicates this payment type can be used for Text2ParkMe subsciptions


Refunds are listed in Yellow boxes. Be sure to also select the corresponding refund types to allow the admin to refund to the appropriate payment type. Click on Update User Type to save your selections.

Configuring Payment Types for Subscriptions

When using a payment provider we can set up payment types to be used in subscriptions and guest payments. To begin click on the edit icon.

You will land on a page that shows the current user types that are allowed to use this payment type. To edit the subscription configuration click on settings.

In this section you will see items that can be selected for the use of this payment type.

Select the items you wish to allow the payment type to be used for. In this case we are enabling Text2ParkMe, subscriptions to permit renewals as well as guest payments.

Once set and saved you will see indicators on the payment type lists showing what the payment type can be used for.

Processing as an Admin

When processing payments as an Admin you will now see the payment types split up between what the user would be allowed to use for that User Type and what an Admin can choose.