OPS-COM supports SchoolPay hosted payment integration. This means your OPS-COM users can use SchoolPay to pay for items in OPS-COM such as permits, lockers, violations, etc.

Add a new Payment Type:

You can create a new payment type by selecting System Configuration → Payments → Setup Payment Types →Add Type.

If you don't see "Setup Payment Type" as shown above you may need to give your role the permission to do so.

Select "SchoolPay - Hosted" as your provider → Next Step.

Edit Payment Type User Types:

You should now be brought to the "Edit Payment Type" page:

Type Name: The type name can be whatever you want it to be, though please note this will also be the name displayed to users when using payment checkout and selecting a payment method. You can reference the specific hosted payment provider such as SchoolPay or something more generic such as "Online Credit Card Payment", "Online payment", "Credit Card", etc. Really it's up to you and what you think makes most sense to your site users when making a payment, also might depend on what payment methods your SchoolPay account supports.

Enabled for User Types: Select the User Types you wish this new Payment Type to be visible to so they can select it during payment checkout. You can change these user types at any time

Edit Payment Type Settings:

There are additional required configuration fields in the Settings area:

Enable for Text2ParkMe: See this wiki page for additional details related to Text2ParkMe. This payment setting isn't currently supported using OPS-COM SchoolPay integration.

Enable for Permit Renewal Payments: See this wiki page for additional details related to permit renewal payments. This payment setting isn't currently supported using OPS-COM SchoolPay integration.

Enable for Guest Payments: See this wiki page for additional details related to Guest Payments, if you aren't using this feature leave the button unchecked.

Prompt Information: Only "Email Address" is supported with SchoolPay Hosted Payments at this time.


  • Username: Obtained from SchoolPay.
  • Password: Obtained from SchoolPay.
  • Item ID: Obtained from SchoolPay.
  • Production/Sandbox: Select whether you are using your SchoolPay Production/Live credentials or Sandbox/Testing credentials. Additionally, although not required you may find your OPS-COM preview space helpful for testing Sandbox/testing credentials, this way you can keep your production/live OPS-COM data (permits, users, payments, violations, etc) clean/separate during any testing.

Don't forget to save your new payment type by clicking the "Update Payment Type" button along the bottom of the page:

Nothing further needs to be done, however if you are curious what the user process looks like when purchasing something in OPS-COM using SchoolPay a number of screenshots are below to show this.

User flow screenshots:

User selects SchoolPay payment type in OPS-COM and supplies an email address for identification and email receipt:

User confirms payment in OPS-COM:

User is then redirected to SchoolPay's secure system for payment details and processing:

User confirms payment details and selects "Finish" at which point their payment method is charged for the transaction:

If the payment is successful users will be automatically redirected back to OPS-COM checkout with a payment confirmation:

Email receipts will also be sent from SchoolPay and OPS-COM to the user supplied email address.