Permit Invoicing

This article will take you through the process of preparing/sending invoices for permit purchases. We will also cover searching for invoices and cancelling them. The Invoicing feature is used to simplify the monthly billing/invoicing process for bulk payment of permit purchases.

Note, Students and Staff Usertypes cannot be invoiced.

Preparing to Invoice

Click System Config > System Settings > Payments

To choose the starting Invoice number enter it in the Invoice number field.

  1. You must also setup your Invoicing template. You can do that by editing the Permit Invoice template. For more information, refer to this wiki article.

  2. Decide if you wish to allow unpaid permits to rollover to the next period. If you do, refer to this wiki article.

Setup Invoice Contacts

There are different flags you must set so that your Companies and Individuals that require invoices will receive them.  Instructions are below.

  1. On the Company Edit screen, you must set the 'Invoice Emails' field to contain the email addresses you want. They can be separated by colons ( : ) or by commas as shown. This will ensure that the invoices go to the correct company contact.

  2. Once you have configured a user to be part of a company they will then see additional items to configure in the user's profile.
    For Company Members, an admin must designate a member to act as Company Billing Manager. This will be the company member that receives invoices. 

    Note: This person does not have to be a Company Manager although they often designated with both roles.
    There can be more than one Company Manager but there should only be one Company Billing Manager.
    Also be aware that a Billing Manager must be designated in order for invoicing to be activated. 

  3. For Individual users that are not part of a company but you wish to invoice, you must edit their user profile and enable the 'Individual' checkbox and the 'Receives Invoice' checkbox.

Creating Permit Invoices

Click AllocationsPrepare Company Invoices.

The 'Prepare Invoices' screen displays. A list of invoices that are ready to send will be displayed. 

Click Prepare Invoice.

Note -  Currently, only permits for user types that are not Student or Staff will be shown as available for invoicing. 

Setting Invoice Billing and Due Dates

  1. A list of invoicing for the selected allocation will display. The Admin can toggle off invoices that they do not want to send, but typically you would send all selected. 

    All Invoices are toggled on by default.

    Set the Billing Date and Due Date. In this case billing was done on October 25th and the payment is due November 1st.

  2. Click Send Invoices to schedule the invoices for sending. The following message will pop up.

  3. After a few seconds the Invoicing task will be displayed on the Task Manager Icon as below.  You can see the status of the task. In this case it is complete. You can click the blue "X" to clear it or leave it be.

  4. Emails will be sent to the companies selected.  By default, the email will be formatted as follows:

    The invoice will list the names users as well as the permit numbers being purchased. 

    Note the Date and Due Date: The Date indicated is the billing date and the Due Date indicates when the invoice is expected to be paid.

    Note: This template can be customized by following the instructions in this wiki article.

Searching for an Invoice

  1. Click Allocations > Invoice Search

  2. The 'Search for Invoices' screen displays.  You can search for a specific invoice or for an invoice issued during a range of dates. You can also eliminate canceled or paid invoices from the search parameters.

    In this case we are searching for a date range.

  3. Click on an invoice number to see a copy of the invoice that will be sent to the client. 

    Note: If you wish to print this you can right click and print it out of your browser. You can also print to a PDF if required.

  4. You can also export this report to Excel. This will show you the revenue for a selected date range by Lot.

Re-Sending an Invoice

When do we use this?

It is also possible to re-send an invoice if the client requests a second copy sent.
If for example the client mistakenly deleted the email, the admin has the ability to search up the original invoice and send it again.

In our sample here we are looking for an invoice for Voula Costa.

  1. To do so there are two different methods. You can find the invoice in the user's profile under History or you can search for the invoice through the Search Invoice utility.

  2. Firstly let's search the user in question: In this case using the last name Costa.

  3. Click on the username to access the user's profile.

  4. Once in the user's profile hover over History and click on All Records to access the list of this user's transactions.

  5. Locate and click on the invoice number that you wish to resend.

  6. Once in the invoice preview you will notice the Re-Send Email button. Click on this button to re-send the invoice.

  7. The invoice will be re-sent. In the sample below there is an original invoice send as well as a re-send. Notice the email title for the re-send has a prefix added indicating this is a Re-sent invoice.

  8. As mentioned above you can also find the invoice you wish to resend using the Invoice Search tool. To do so access the tool under the Permits menu.

    Hover over Permits and click on Invoice Search in the drop down menu.

  9. In the search criteria window enter the Invoice Number in question and click search. In this case Invoice Number 1018.

  10. From the resulting search result click on the Invoice Number to access the Invoice Preview Window

  11. The process after this point is identical to step 6 and 7 above.

  12. The Re-Sent Invoice will look identical the original invoice format:

Printing From Emailed PDF

  1. It is important to note that in order to print this PDF document you should follow these next steps

  2. You must first navigate to the email of the invoice in the client email where you will find an attachments link circled below

  3. After opening the attached PDF file you will be brought to the file opened in the web browser.

  4. If you print form here you will receive a cut off version of this PDF. In order to prevent this you should download the file by pressing this button:

  5.  Save it to your preferred location and open it with the PDF reader of your choosing

  6. From here you just print the invoice like you would a normal document ensuring that the print scale is set to 100%

Cancelling an Invoice


If you have issued an invoice then the company would like users removed or changes made, you MUST cancel the invoice from the Invoice Search page. If you don't it will show up twice as revenue for that month and both invoices will be due for payment. You cannot remove invoices directly from users payment tabs. 

  1. If you wish to cancel and invoice click the cancel button. The following prompt will display.

  2. Click 'Cancel Invoice' and the invoice will now show up as Cancelled on the report.

  3.  Make your changes as required to the permits and users then go back to Prepare Invoices. That company should be there to reissue as long as the changes you made are not further back than a year.