Make Payments with a User Profile

The Make Payments option allows customers to pay for permits, violations or lockers by using a variety of online payment options. The Administrator controls what account payment types are available. 

Paying with Cash or Cheque (Promise to Pay)

To make payments, login to your profile and click Payments.

This will take you to a page detailing your expense and payment history. (This screen will also appear as the last step in any of the items that you are purchasing (e.g. buying parking permits or renting lockers.)

Check off only the items that you are paying at this time. (If you have a Violation under review, make sure this is unchecked until the review process is complete.) You can use shift+click to toggle on all payments.

Once you have confirmed the items that you are paying, select the Continue to Checkout button at the side of the page to proceed.

This will bring you to the Payment Method selection screen where you can choose the Cash or Cheque payment type if available. When you are finished click Submit Payment button. 

Your items will be marked as Paid but not Processed. You must go to the parking office to finish the payment process.

Paying with Credit Cards

Follow all the steps until you get to the Payment Method selection. This time chose credit card or another method that is similar.

You will be sent to the Hosted Payment provider and prompted to enter all fields required. To process the payment, select the Process Transaction button at the bottom of the screen. This button may change depending on the payment provider you are using.  Once your payment is processed you will be returned to a receipt page. This payment is now complete.