Printing Permits from the User Portal

If your Parking Office allows it, permits can be printed by users while logged into the User Portal.

Print Permit from the User Portal

Login to the User Portal and click on the Home button.

Under Active Permits, click on a permit number. The Permit Information window will open.

Click the Print button. The permit will download and you can print it from there. An example of the permit is below.

Print Permit from the User History

Once you have logged in, navigate to the user history under their profile. 

Drill into the confirmation code for the payment that has been made for the permit. 

This will take you to the receipt page where you can drill into the modal for the permit you purchased. 

Once drilled into the Permit Information modal you will see the option to Print.

Printing Temporary Permits

A user can also print Temporary permits from the user portal. The process is exactly the same. Find the permit on the user dashboard or in user history. Click on the permit number to launch the detailed info popup.

The detailed information popup will appear. Click on the Print button to generate a printable PDF. The PDF will automatically down load to your downloads folder.

The PDF will look like this: 

Once the permit is printed it can not be printed again. The Print button will not be available and will be replaced by a box displaying the date the permit was printed.

Important Note: If a permit has been reserved but not yet paid for, the print option is not available.
The permit must be paid for and valid before it can be printed. The Detailed Information popup will appear as follows in this case.