User Profile Landing Page

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The User Profile Landing Page is the first page you are presented when accessing a user's profile. It is a quick reference dashboard of the user's profile information and current user history.

Editing a Users Profile

To edit a User's profile, click Edit in the Basic Profile Information section header. 

The full profile page will display. You can edit the details of the user's account. For more on Editing User Profiles, click here.

Add or Edit Vehicles 

To add to or edit the list of vehicles associated with the user, click Edit in the Vehicles section header.

This will bring you to the Vehicle Information screen where you can add, remove and edit vehicle information as well as apply a DNTT to a vehicle. For more information about Editing Vehicle Information click here.

Logging in as a User

From the User Profile landing page, the admin can log into the OPS-COM end-user interface as the selected user.  Click Login as user.  Note, Auto Login must be configured System Settings.

This will launch a new browser window and log you in as the selected user with all the functionality associated with that user.

Additional Information - Alarms, Violations and Permit Details

The dashboard also allows the admin to access the latest information on a user's history in regards to alarms, violations and permit ownership. If any warnings or alerts exist in the user's profile, they will be displayed at the top of the dashboard.

If outstanding violations exist for the user, the admin has the ability to access both images as well as ticket details from the Violations section of the dashboard.

  • Access Violation details by clicking on the ticket number in the violations section.
  • Access photos associated with the violation by clicking on the camera icon to the left of the ticket number.

Permit details can be accessed by clicking on the permit number under the Active Permits section of the dashboard.

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