Using Tax Exemption

Tax Exemption Codes are now supported in the OPS-COM system.  If a user has a tax exemption code on their profile, taxes will not be charged when they purchase items such as permits, violations and lockers.

Note - A video Illustration has been added after these instructions.

Adding a Tax Exempt ID

Search for a user and edit their profile. The Tax Exemption field is located on the User Profile screen and can contain alpha-numeric characters.  New user profiles will also have this field.

Note, Tax Exemption Code is included for viewing on the Basic Profile Info window for the User Profile.

When purchasing a permit with a user that has a tax exemption code taxes will not be shown as a line item of the payment or confirmation page. 

There is a tax exemption report that can be run under the Payments menu. You can choose to copy or export the records from the report which contains 3 fields, First NameLast NameTax Exemption Code

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