Registering a New User

User Registration allows administrators to register a user manually.  When using this registration form, you will be able to assign the appropriate user type and input all other relevant information.  Once the user is in the system you can add vehicles, purchase permits etc.

Manual User Registration 

Hover over User Management and click User Registration.

The User Short Registration Form displays.

The initial standard information screen appears. Choose your user type and fill in the username and user info.

The User Full Registration Form displays.

Fields with an asterisk * are mandatory. Admins with the correct permissions can control what fields are mandatory. For more information about setting up mandatory fields refer to this wiki article.

Enable the Allow user login and mark the account as Active checkbox.  This will allow this user to self-manage on the User Portal. They will be prompted for a password change.

It is important that you select the correct User TypeThe User type defines what options are available for the User to Purchase through the User Portal. For information about setting up your user types refer to this wiki article.

Click the Submit Registration Information for Processing button.  The Confirm Registration Information screen displays. Verify the information is correct. If you need to edit any information click the Back button.  When you are ready to proceed, click the Information Correct button.

The Registration Complete screen will display. You may now add a vehicle or purchase a permit for this user.