Defining User Profile Items

Different organizations may want to collect different information on user profiles. Some items are purely informational, whereas others are connected to related processes within OPS-COM.

In this article, we will discuss what is available to toggle on and off in the user side profile view.

Setting up User Profile Items

To access the profile items click System Config menu and select System Settings.

On the Manage System Settings screen, click User Profile to display the list of possible items that can be added or removed from the profile.

Items in this list can be in one of three states:

  • Hidden - Not seen on the user side profile form
  • Visible - Seen on the user side form but optional as far as entering information in the field
  • Required - Seen on the user side form as a required field. Indicated as required by a red asterisk

(Note: The system will not allow the user to save the profile if there is any required information missing) 

The form has 6 essential categories that have various elements that can be set in any one of the three states mentioned above:

  • User Name
  • Address Information
  • Phone Information
  • License Information
  • Student Information
  • Employee Information

      If we hide everything that can be hidden, the system will still require certain pieces of information and may override your settings. Here's what the form looks like for a staff end user in this case.

Here is the form with everything visible - 

User Name

A User Name is essential. It is one of the unique identifiers required to use the system. However, there are various permutations of the required information associated with the user's name. Best practice tells us a bare minimum might be Username, First Name, and Last Name, although any of these items can be toggled on/off. The state selected is highlighted in blue and a checkmark is added to illustrate the selection.

Note: One scenario where we might hide username would be if an external source such as LDAP is supplying the username.


If you plan to mail permits to end users you will need to collect addresses. 



This field is for Driver License number (not plate number).  If you are connected with local law enforcement you may opt to record this information.

Student Information

Employee Information


If you are using Text2ParkMe, there will be a second tab on the page where end users can enter additional details including credit card information.
Note: The only field that will show a "required" status is the Student ID.  Additionally: If you enter any credit card information it switches all credit card information fields to required.

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