Email Headers and Footers

This is used to create headers and footers on emails, similar to the Templates & Design page, as well as the style of the email. Each email template can contain its own layout that is different from the next. 

Getting to Email Headers & Footers

In order to get to Email Headers & Footers, click System Config, Email Headers & Footers

Image displaying how to navigate to the

This should take you to the Email Template Layout List where you can select Edit to edit the existing Footer, Header or Style email template. 

Editing Email Layout Templates 

Click edit on the Edit button for the corresponding Section you wish to edit.

Image displaying the location of the Email Template Edit Button

 This will bring you to the template, in our case it is the Header Template. From here you can edit what appears on the header of each sent email as well as include inline styles.

Image displaying the default header template

Adjusting/Creating the Header and Footer Styles

The email layout template includes a Styles section which can be edited to reflect the style sheet of both your Header and Footer messages. You may also choose to add your styles inline using a style attribute between your tags. Or under the Styles section as mentioned before using the <style></style> tags.