Roles and Permissions

OPS-COM gives System Owners and Administrators the ability to setup roles that will restrict access to information and features in OPS-COM. Roles are a group of permissions that are bundled and assigned to a set of users. For example, you may wish to create a role for Patrol Officer. You will set the permissions for this role and assign users the role of Patrol Officer when you would like to grant them permissions that match that job. Users can be assigned multiple roles.

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Roles and Permissions

There are two menu options on the System Config menu; Manage Roles and Edit Admin Users
Click the Manage Roles button to begin.

The Manage Administrator Roles screen displays.
The Primary Administrator role will be available to select. This role will allow you to create new Roles and assign them to other Admin Users. 

Click the Add New Role button. Enter the Role name and the description for that role. 
The description will become the rollover tool tip that displays when you mouse over the Edit Role button of an existing role. Click Save Role to save.

You can edit any role by clicking the Edit Role button. You can edit the Role Name and Description for any Role except Primary Admin.

Click the Permissions button to edit the permissions for any role. The Editing Permissions screen will display. 
The number next to the icons across the top bar indicate how many permissions in that category have been selected. 
The icons mirror the OPS-COM menu. Click an icon to display the permissions in that category.

Note - For a description of what each Permission does click here.

To select a permission,enable the check box next to that permission. Once you have gone through each icon and selected all the permissions that are required for the role, click Save Permissions. That role is now created. 

You can assign this role to one or more users. Click the System Config menu and select Edit Admin Users. The Manage Administrator Users screen displays.  

From this screen you can create a new user or edit an existing one by selecting the appropriate option from the dropdown list. Click Retrieve to display the user options below. 

Add or confirm the User information on the left and select the roles to apply to that user on the right. You can add a comment for any relevant notes about the user. Click Update User when you are finished.


Remember, all staff should have their own user profile and have Roles assigned to them based on their job description.  Usernames and Password information should never be shared amongst staff members doing the same job.

It is important to note that Admin Users can not be deleted as they are/may be associated with past transactions. However, they can and should be be made inactive in the case where someone leaves an organization.

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