Default Header and Footer for Mobile Readiness and SwiftDeploy

By setting a default logo and header image in System Settings admins can set a look and feel for both the user portal as well as phone interfaces used in Real-Time Parking.

Accessing System Settings

First we must go into System Settings from the System Configuration menu.

We are looking for the Global component in the list os system setting components.

In Global Setting we will see two areas wher we can configure images to be used. 

  • Default Site Logo
  • Default Site Header

By clicking on Select Image we will be taken to the Manage Files section where images and files are stored.
For more information on the media bin please see this wiki article.

Here we will select an image to be used as the default site logo.

Setting the Default Header Image

We can now set the Default Site Header image.

Once the images are selected they will appear in the configuration settings.

Where The Changes Appear

These images will appear in various places in the system. If no header or logo is set in the Tempates and Designs section of the system, these default images will be used.
For more information about Templates and Design please see this wiki article.

In our example we are using gthe default header and logo on the user portal...

As well as the phone interface utilized in Real-Time Parking.
For more information on RealTime Parking see this wiki article.

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