Editing a Username

When do we use this?

By default OperationsCommander is set up to disallow the admin user from editing user names. Once a username is entered it should not change. However, if an error is made in entering the username you can select a setting to allow admins to make edits. This setting should be used only as a temporary measure and must be turned on and off by the OPS-COM support team. We suggest you request OPS-COM Support turn it off after making your edits.

By default the username field is not editable:

To begin, go to the System Config menu and click on System Settings.

From the resulting list of settings click on User Profile to edit it's settings.

From the list of settings look for Allow Username Edits.
Important Note: This setting can only be toggled by the OPS-COM Support team. Contact OPS-COM support to request changes to this setting.

Click on the setting to select it.

Once the setting is activated, as you can see below, the admin now has the ability to edit the username.