Company Manager

A Company Manager can be designated to manage user accounts for their respective company employees. The Company Manager function allows the manager to login as the employee and have all the functionality of a specific user. This allows them to update profiles, purchase permits, add or remove vehicles, and more on behalf of the employee.

Getting to Company Users

To access the Company Users tool on the user interface, we will log in as Sarah Jones, the Company Manager. Company Managers will see an additional menu item. 
Click on
Company Manager to access a list of the associated users.

Login as a Staff Member Using the Company Manager Role

From this window, the Company Manager has the ability to login to the system as the selected Staff Member and edit and use that user's account.  

Company Managers will be able to update the profile, buy permits, pay violations, etc.

In this example, we will log in as Justin G. A pop-up message will appear indicating the user you are logged in as.

The user's home menu screen will be displayed.

From this interface the company manager can perform all the functions they need to on behalf of their employees such as pay for permits, edit the user's profile, add vehicles etc etc. Essentially anything a user can do on their profile can be done by the Company Manager or Billing Manager.