Registering and Editing Vehicles

If you are selling Parking Permits on your User Portal, your clients must register their vehicles to their profile. Users can edit existing vehicles as well as make vehicles active.

Register a Vehicle

To register a vehicle, login in to your profile and click Vehicles.

Click Add New Vehicle. You will be presented with a vehicle disclaimer that you must review before adding a vehicle. Click I Agree.

The Add New Vehicle window will be displayed. A plate or a VIN number is required. If you enter a VIN number only, the VIN number will be used as a replacement for the plate. You must also choose the correct Province/State and the Plate Type. For most users this will be Passenger. Click Save Changes.

The list of vehicles will be displayed on the Vehicles page. In this example the user has 1 vehicle on their profile with the ability to add more. 

Edit a Vehicle

If you need to edit any of the information, click Edit. The Editing Vehicle Information window will appear.  Make your changes and click Save.

Activate/Deactivate a Vehicle

You can also deactivate a vehicle on your profile. To do this, select Active in the drop down list.

Removing a Vehicle

You can remove a vehicle by clicking Remove in yellow. Cannot remove vehicle with active permit.

Associating a Plate to a User

If there is a plate in the system that you wish to associate to your user profile, you can add the name of the plate followed by Save Changes. This will bring up a dialogue in the same window allowing you to Associate the plate to your profile. 

The Optional VIN Number

One piece of information that can be optional in OPS-COM as a requirement is the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
The VIN number is typically 17 characters long. 
This field can be toggled on or off in system settings.