Credit Card Management and Subscriptions

Users can manage their stored credit cards for use with paying for Text2ParkMe transactions or for paying for Permit Rollover Subscriptions.  Please note, currently stored credit cards can be used for recurring payments only. 

Add a Credit Card

Login to your user account on the OPS-COM portal and click the Manage Credit Cards menu.

Follow the instructions on the screen below and click the Add Credit Card button.

The stored credit card will appear in the Stored Subscription Payment Methods area and you will see "Credit Card successfully stored" in green.

Subscription Setup

Some payment methods, such as Payroll Deduction and EFT cannot be setup by a user. Contact your Parking office to find out about setting these options up.

To add a payment subscription to Text2Park or Permit Rollover, click the drop down and chose your payment type from the list and click Save

If the user does not have a subscription selected or setup, this will be shown in the selection fields on the user-side as seen below.