User - Profile Tab

The Profile tab on the Edit User Profile screen allows administrators to edit user information, make an account Active, create aliases, set alarms for a user and a variety of other administrative functions. 

Editing a User Profile

Locate the User you wish to edit/update by searching for a user.  Click on the Username and the Profile Dashboard will display for that user. 

On the top right-hand corner you will see the name of the user that changes will be applied to.

Click the Edit button on the Basic Profile Information bar or click the Profile dropdown and click Edit Profile Information.

The Edit User Profile screen is displayed. All fields on this screen can be updated by Administrators.  Click the Submit Registration Information for Processing button to save the changes.

Information of Note

Enabling Text2ParkMe

To enable a user to use Text2ParkMe, enable the Allow Text2ParkMe Reminders checkbox. A cell phone number and a credit card must also be on file.

Administrators do not have the ability to add credit card information to a user profile (this is for security purposes).  Users must log in to their profile on the user portal to add credit card information.

Mail Permit To Address

The Mail Permit To field is used to direct which address prints on the hangtag when a user requests a hangtag permit be mailed to them. Whichever address is shown must be filled out on the profile.