User - Payments Tab

The Payments tab allows administrators to process user payments for one or all payment types due (lockers, parking permits, temporary permits, access card, violations). This page also shows any financial adjustments that have been made to a user account.

Visit the Payments & Transaction Flow for a description of the payment and transaction flow.

Select Items to Apply Payment

Enable the check boxes for the items that you wish to make the payment on.

In the example below, only lockers are included in the payment.  

View More Details

Administrators can click on items in blue to link to more information about that item. 

If you make changes, always click the 'Update' button to save the new information.

Items can also be removed by clicking the 'Remove' link, however there is no undo option to reverse this action

Make a Payment

Click the 'Proceed to Payment' button. 

Another 'Payments Due' screen is displayed.

Confirm the details for the payment and choose the payment method from the drop-down list.

Click the 'Submit Payment Information' button. 

The 'Payments Due' confirmation screen is displayed.

Verify all payment information and click the 'Confirm Payment Information' button.

Transaction Details

This brings you to the 'Transaction Details' screen where administrators have a final opportunity to make any additional changes to the payment. 

You can click the 'Cancel Transaction' button to cancel the promise to pay and release the items back into the inventory.

Administrators can also use the Adjust link to make adjustments to the cost of the item.

This can also be done after the transaction has been completed.

Process a Payment

Systems connected to a payment provider (gateway) will be shown as processed automatically in the case of credit card payments.

Generally this is configured only on the user side while the admin side has broader level of control for incoming payments.

Click the 'Process Manually' button. 

The final payment confirmation displays a transaction confirmation number.

The options to make adjustments or to refund a payment are also on this screen.

In the payment process, there are three types of reimbursements:

  • Cancel Transactions
  • Refunds
  • Adjustments