Failed Payments Report

When do we use this?

The failed payments report shows all failed payments for credit cards. The admin user can drill in to see the reason it failed. For Example: card number invalid, bad expiry date etc.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This report is designed to to indicate any payment that failed in the rollover and bulk payment process. The report will continue to show these instances of failed payment regardless of whether or not subsequent payments were successful.

  1. To access the report go to the Payments drop down menu and select Search Failed Payments.

  2. The Failed Payments Report screen will open. Enter a date range you wish to report on and click Search.


  3. The screen will refresh with a list of failed payment for that date range. In our example we are looking at October 1st, 2018 to October 15th, 2018.
    During that time period there were 5 failed payments. The list shows the pay Id, confirmation code, amount of the payment, the date of the failed payment and the user name associated with the payment.

  4. To drill down further click on the Confirmation Code button to access the transaction record.

  5. The transaction record screen will open where you can see details about the failed transaction.

  6. Some payment providers will return detailed information with an explanation as to why the payment failed, while other providers will simply supply an error code.
    In this case note that there is a response code of 481 indicated in the information.

    481 code indicates there is an error in the information provided. Usually an incorrect expiration date or an incorrect billing address.
    The definition for these codes are easily found in a web search. In this case a search for Credit card response code 481 provided the explanation.