Mark Items as Paid

In some cases items that have been paid via external payment systems may need to be marked off as paid within OPS-COM. These include items paid through collections, items that you want to pay through charge-back to departments.

Mark Items Paid is only for items that have no payments associated with it. If you flag an item as being paid with cash, student account, etc, then it will not be picked up as mark as paid. It has a payment, it is just unprocessed.

The Mark Items Paid would take the item from no payment associated to paid AND processed.

  • This process should be run on smaller groups of items.

    • It should not be used to bulk update all permits in the system as an example.

    • Overloading the tool can have unintended results.

  • Items that are marked as paid using this tool will not show up on Daily Processed reports.

    • These items will be marked as "System Paid" and will show on the User History as such.

    • A comment will also be included "Administrator cleared violations (transfer to Business Office?)"

  • To mark violations as paid, do not include the PIN found on the end of the ticket number. eg. TT-0001200-99

Marking Items Paid Menu Option

Hover over Payments and click Mark Items Paid

Select Items to Mark Paid

The Mark Outstanding Items Paid screen displays. You can select different parameters such as user type, item type and time period.

As an example, this setting will mark all locker rentals for Full Time Staff, purchased before April 1st, 2018 as paid. 

Bulk Mark Violations Paid

In cases where violations have been sent for collection, the admin would get a list back from the collection agency as to what payment have been retrieved.

The admin would then be able to mark these violations as paid.

To do so click on Bulk by Number beside Violations. 

Enter the violations in the tool separated by a line return.

Keep in mind that you should not include the PIN with the violation number.   

eg. 2-001345-92   (92 is the PIN in this case)

Select Violations Paid Through Collection from the drop-down list.

Click on Mark Listed Paid to complete the process.

Mark Zero Dollar ($0) Invoices as Paid

This function will bulk mark all $0 invoices (total amount of invoice being $0) for the user types and previous to the date selected as paid in the system.

To do this, navigate to Mark Items Paid section (Main Menu → Payments → Mark Items Paid):

Next select the user types (1), check invoices (zero-dollar only) (2), select the date you wish to mark all previous $0 invoices starting from (3), then when you have confirmed everything looks correct click "Mark Selected Items as Paid" (4):

You will then be presented with a confirmation in the top right corner with the payment confirm code:

The payment in question will automatically pay and process all unpaid invoices and look something like this: