Hosted Payments

Hosted payments are processed outside OperationsCommander through various providers. This allows customers to submit payments for permits, violations and lockers during the checkout process and be redirected to a secure payment page to enter credit/debit card details to allow the payment to be approved.  After submitting the payment users are directed back to OPS-COM to see receipt and approval details.

Hosted payments offer greater payment security over more traditional on-site payment options because credit card details are not collected and stored with your data. This is handled completely by the payment provider. The end result is that each transaction becomes more secure, helping to reduce fraudulent losses and technical headaches.

Some providers, such as Open-Edge and Bambora even provide tokenized payments. Tokenization is a process of replacing sensitive date with non-sensitive data. This token allows clients to use hosted payment providers to automatically charge credit cards for monthly parking permits without having to store credit card information (traditional gateway approach). It is more secure in the event of a data breach since there is very little possibility that the token can be used fraudulently.

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