Admin Portal Permit Purchase with Credit Card

This article describes the path an admin would take to pay for a permit using an end users supplied credit card information. This process could be done in person or over the phone. 

The Permit

We begin by going to a user's dashboard on the admin portal and proceeding to the Parking tab.
In our example we are issuing and paying for a permit on behalf of user over the phone.

We then ge taken to the Confirm Parking Permit Registration page where the admin can choose either the next permit available or select a specific permit number.
Click on Purchase this Permit to Continue.

The Payments Due screen will open listing items that require payment.

The Payment Type

From the payment Due screen the admin can choose a payment method to be used for this purchase. In our example we choose a payment provider.
Click on Submit Payment Information to continue.

A confirmation Screen will appear listing the payment type. Click on Submit Payment Information button to proceed to the payment gateway. 

You will be directed to the payment provider's input form. Fill out the form and click Make Payment to complete the purchase.

A transaction record will appear. This information is stored and can be accessed  form the user's payment history or you can search for the Confirmation Number in various search tools.