Search Payments

The search payment report provides quick access to various payment information. This article explains the various search and report features that can be found in this tool.


Accessing the Report

From the Payments menu click on Search.

The page will refresh with the Payments Reporting search form that gives you the ability to search by Confirm Code, Transaction ID, Order ID, as well as a number of present search items below.

Here is an example of searching based on the confirm code 7d444zbcdffe54b50bde

Provided the confirm code exists in the system the screen will refresh with the Transaction Details for that purchase.

Pre-Configured Searches

The search tool also has a number of additional pre configured searches that will help you find information quickly.
Some of the reports will have the ambility to set a date range where others do not require a specified range.

List Cheque Refunds

List unprocessed Cash, Cheque and Money Order payments

List unprocessed Credit Card payments

List unprocessed Payroll Deduction payments

List unprocessed Internal payments

List ALL unprocessed payments

List ALL unprocessed adjustments

List ALL Processed Payroll Deductions

List All Processed Violations (by date range)

List Daily Processed/Submitted Payments (by date range)

You may search for submitted payments as well as Processed payment in this report. The search criteria screen will look like this:

The resulting report will have two sections to it. One that lists the payments in detail.

...And one that lists a daily summary.

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