User - Purchase a Locker

The Lockers tab on the Edit User Profile screen allows administrators to rent lockers to users.  Users can also self-manage their locker purchases by logging into the User Portal.

Register a Locker

Locate the User you wish to edit/update by searching for a user.  Click on the Username and the Profile Dashboard will display for that user. 

Click on Lockers.

On the top right-hand corner you will see the name of the user that changes will be applied to.

The Locker Registration screen displays. Click Arena under Available Buildings

The Locker Registration - Locker Selection screen displays. Click the pull down menu to choose a location within the building. 

Choose a locker number to sell to that user and click Reserve this Locker

The Confirm Locker Reservation screen is displayed.  Verify all information is correct and click the Confirm Information button. 

The Payments Due screen is displayed.  You may now process the payment.