This space is primarily for development against the Authorize.Net API.  The sandbox area ensures no transactions are accidentally pushed through a "real" payment processor.


The production space is the portal to access transactions and live account settings.

Production (or Testing) Setup

There are several places where setup is required.  The hosted payments page will need to be updated to present a consistent look for the end user.  This can be done under the "Payment Form" option under the "Account" area as noted below.  

As well, it should be noted that the receipt page and response details do not need to be completed.  As part of the payment protocol OPS-COM supplies this information to Authorize.Net

Please be aware your merchant account needs to have the following settings:

Product Type: Card Not Present (CNP)

Market Type: eCommerce

These settings are usually setup by your contact on the initial account creation. If you want to confirm the correct settings go to Account > Merchant Profile. Under the Business Information heading it will show your product and market type.

API Credentials

API credentials are required for communication between OPS-COM and Authorize.Net.  You will need 3 pieces of unique identification, one of which (API Login ID) is defined at the time of the account creation.

OPS-COM will need the following ID's

  • API Login ID
  • Transaction Key
  • Signature Key

Where to obtain these values is noted below.

In the above screen shot we have chosen to generate a new Transaction Key.  Upon selecting Submit, the new transaction key is presented.


The generated Transaction Key and Signature Key together with the API Login ID need to be supplied to Tomahawk Technologies Inc. to complete the OPS-COM setup.

Payment Form

You can style the payment form and add additional details to the hosted payment input page.  As well, fields such as shipping address can be hidden on the payment form to remove any confusion for the end user.

Suggested payment form options:


Personal details can also be removed from the form since OPS-COM will automatically connect the payment to a user.  Since users will often use credit cards that are not their own (spouse, parents, corporate) adding the additional fields is suggested.

AVS (Address Verification Service)

If AVS is enabled please make sure to set the following address fields required:

See for additional information on AVS

Site Testing


This page includes ways to generate failure states: