System_code Shortcode

There is one special multipurpose shortcode which is the system_code and through its use there are several outputs that can occur. What is displayed is dependent on which page the token is used.

Special System_Code Shortcode

The system_code is the most common short code used on the OPS-COM system. It will provide and display the system information related to that page.

For example, if you were to add the system_code shortcode to the end of the Permits page you will see system information related to permits such as available permits and lots. 

If the page is a system page, like /login, and it doesn't have the shortcode anywhere, it will append it to the bottom of the content page at least once.

Example Uses

Vehicles Page 

Using the system_code tag on the Vehicles page will show you all of the vehicles you have registered to that user. 

Permits Page

Using the system_code tag on the Permits page will provide information related to all the permits and lots your users have available to them.  

As an option, on the permits page, you can display the current permits the user has. Using the shortcode [permit_card] on the permits page will display the list of the user's current permits. In fact, using this code on whatever page you wish it to be on, will show the permit_card which is the list of current permits.

Here is the resulting page content.

Appeals Page

Using the system_code tag on the Appeals page will provide a convenient search window to search for plates or tickets.