Lot Information Shortcode

The lot information shortcode is the easiest way to render details related to lots. Through the use of this special token, information about lots can be easily shared.

Lot Information Display

This shortcode can be used anywhere on the site. It does not need to be initialized. You simply need to add it to your template to display it.

The available options are: 

pricebooleantrueShows the price. Set to false/off/0 etc. to turn off
sold_outbooleanfalseIf true, it will include the lots that are sold out. They will have the warning background to highlight they are sold out
remainingbooleanfalseIf true, it will show a column for how many remaining permits are in this lot
If a value is set, it will filter the list to only show this lot type. Blank, or not set, will show all

[permitlots remaining=true sold_out=true price=true]

In the example above, this shortcode would display all lots even if they are sold out, the price of the permits for that lot, and the total number spaces in the lots.  Refer to the screenshot below.