Disclaimer Shortcode

Disclaimers shortcodes are linked to modal windows that are shown upon landing on a particular page, or clicking on a designated element. If the user cancels out, they are redirected to the home page or back to the page that contains the element. These modals show information related to terms and conditions or disclaimers and acceptance is often required in order for the user to continue. 

General Disclaimer

This shortcode can be used anywhere on the site pages. It does not need to be initialized. You simply need to add it to your page to display it.

Due to server caching it may take some time for your changes to been seen. 

The available options are: 








This (name) is the disclaimer to show. The name comes from the "systemRegion" value from the Pages table




session, page

session = once dismissed, the user will not see again until they log out and log back in
page = Each time they reload the page, the disclaimer will appear again




onload, {selector}

onload is by default; so the element is shown when the page is loaded

Selector can be used when the intention is to have the disclaimer only show when clicking on the item defined as the selector.
As an example, For vehicles, the value will be .add-vehicle and the disclaimer will only show when the add-vehicle button is clicked.

The content of these disclaimers are found under the Messages tab on the Manage System Messaging Page by going to System Config, System Messaging. 

How to Use Disclaimers

Here is a short video that shows you how you can use disclaimers on your system. 

Disclaimer Errors

If a disclaimer is added to a page without being typed properly, a warning message will appear on that page letting you know the disclaimer is currently broken. The error looks like what is shown in the image below.

Vehicle Disclaimer

[disclaimer name=vehicleDisclaimer dismiss=session show=".add-vehicle"]

In this example, the disclaimer will show once per session and only when you click the "Add a Vehicle" button. An example is show below.

To update the text for the disclaimer, hover over System Config, and click System Messaging. Click the "Edit" button beside Vehicle Disclaimer.  Update your text and click "Save Messaging".

Locker Disclaimer

[disclaimer name=lockersDisclaimer dismiss=never]

In this example, the disclaimer will show every time a user comes to the Locker page. An example is show below.

Permit Disclaimer

[disclaimer name=permitDisclaimer dismiss=never]