PermitTempPdf and Conditional Shortcode

This article will talk about how we can use the [permittemppdf] and [conditional] commands to display useful permit information on our temporary permit pdf found under SystemMessaging with the unique identifier of 'permittemppdf'

PermitTempPdf command 

permittemppdf is fairly straight forward.
options are
[permittemppdf permit=______]
barcode, permitno, lotshortname, lotname, location, expiry
Expiry will show a snippet of html that is not editable because of the complexity of the expiry information.

[permittemppdf vehicle=______]
plate, guest, year, colour, make, type

Conditional command

Conditional is somewhat complex.
It will only work with shortcodes I've set it up for. Right now that only includes the permittemppdf one.

[conditional var=****** test=!!!!!!!!]CONTENT[/condtional]
[conditional var=****** test=!!!!!!!! value=__________]CONTENT[/condtional]
It will test the value of ******. If it's a success, then it shows CONTENT.
The options for var currently are:
permittemp and permit

To test if there are hours on a temp permit you would use var=permittemp.hours
It's the variable name I have defined (permittemp) and the case sensitive column you want to check.

The second argument "test" can take the following values:
hasvalue = if not empty or false, returns true
true = if the variable is a boolean true. i.e. 1, true, "true"
false = if the variable is a boolean false.
eq or equal = if the variable matches the contents of "value"
ne, neq or notequal = if the variable does not match the contents of "value"