Pay Station Status

The Pay Station Parking Status report is used to view all plates that have been entered in the system by a pay station such as T2, Cale, Hot Spot and other means. 

Searching Pay Station Status

To get to this report hover over Parking Management → Temporary Permits and click on Pay Station Status. From there you can click the blue Search button to get all results since or valid on the date that is entered in the Valid Date/Time field. 

Search Options

  1. The Plate field is used to search for a specific plate. 
  2. The Valid Date/Time field is used to search for records since or on the date that is supplied. 
  3. The Zones field is used to search for specific zones that are associated with the lots and machines. 
  4. The Sort Order will sort the individual column data and not shift the rows based on the data provided.
  5. The Validity Filter will allow you to search between valid, non-valid, or all records.