Managed Wait List

In OPS-COM, users can add themselves to a single wait list at a time allowing admins to assign them permits when they become available. If users try to join a waitlist from a different lot they will be removed from any previous waitlists they have joined. 

In this system users will still add themselves to your wait list by logging in to the User Portal, however, now each time a permit becomes available by permit switch, permit allocation, or no-pay clearing lists these permits will be automatically added to wait list users and the Admins will be notified by email. The Admin can then notify that user that their permit is ready for them to pay for and give them a set amount of time to pay for that permit.

Summer 2019: the managed wait list functionality will be available for Admins who wish to have permits automatically assigned to wait list users. Please note, if you do not enable the setting you will continue to use the older waitlist functionality.

Set Up

To set up the system to be able to use this you need to set up 3 settings

  1. Select the cog menu item, then System Settings

    Image displaying how to get to the system settings page

  2. Select Permits

    Image displaying how to navigate to the permits tab

  3. To enable this functionality, enable the 'Enable Managed Waitlist' checkbox, enter admin emails into the Waitlist Email Managers field, then enter the amount of time that is being given to users to purchase permits in the Waitlist Reservation Duration box.

    Image displaying the permit settings page

Assigning a User a Permit from the Wait list

When a permit becomes available in a lot with a wait list admin will be notified and the permit will be reserved for the people on the wait list. The admin can then go into the OPS-COM system and assign the permit to a person who is on the wait list.

  1. Open the Parking Management menu option, then select Waiting lists. Select Student or Non-Stu Wait List depending on which user types you are managing the wait lists for.

  2. The Waiting List scree opens.
  3. Select Assign to associate the selected user to the permit you wish them to have.

Releasing an Assigned Permit

When a user passes the allocated amount of time to pay for the permit they have been assigned the admin will be sent an email.
The admin then has the option to release the permit, so that it can be assigned again or to Extend the users time to pay for the permit.

  1. From the Waiting List page, select the permit icon beside the user name.

  2. From the Parking Permit Information page, select Release Permit

    Image displaying how to release a wait list parking permit

Extending a Users Time to Purchase the Permit

  1. From the Wait List page, select the information icon beside the permit number

  2. From the Parking Permit Information page, select Extend

    Image displaying how to extend a wait list parking permit