Apply Temp Permit to User Vehicles

When do we use this?

When purchasing a temporary permit, the permit is registered to a vehicle not the user. If a user has multiple vehicles, you can configure the system to allow the user to park with any vehicle registered in their profile. The following article will describe the configuration and how to apply this condition to the users permit.

  1. To begin, you must set the ability to apply the permit to multiple vehicles in Lot Administration under the Temporary Parking Tab.
    You must enable the following items:
     - Allow temp permits to be used over 30 days.
     - Allow All Vehicles on profile to receive permit.

  2. Once this is set, you are ready to issue a temporary permit to multiple vehicles. 
    To begin, go to the user's profile and click on the Parking Tab.

  3. Select Temporary Parking Permit.

  4. The Temporary Parking Permit Registration window opens. 
    In our example, we will select the Green Staff Lot East where we had configured the ability to apply the permit to all vehicles (Step 1 above)
    Set the start date and end date. The date range must be for a period longer than 30 days in order to activate the Apply to all Vehicles button.
    Click the button to apply the permit to all vehicles.

  5. Click Confirm This Permit to proceed to the Confirmation window. 
    You can verify the information before proceeding to purchase the permit. 
    Note:  the two vehicles are listed in the Vehicle list.
    Click Purchase this Permit to continue.

  6. The payment screen displays. Start the purchase process.

  7. Select your method of payment and click the Submit Payment Information button.

  8. Select Confirm Payment Information to proceed. 
    Click Process Manually to complete the purchase.

  9. You will be taken to the Transaction Details screen, where you can see a final record of your purchase.