Refundable Parking Deposits

Deposits can be collected for parking decals, hang tags and other items. Such deposits are charged and collected at the time a user purchases a permit.

Please Note

  • This feature is only available to Administrators only (Admin side). This will ensure the purchaser must present themselves at the parking office to pay for and receive the decal or deposit item purchased.
  • This feature does not replace Access Card payments at this time.
  • The deposit will only be seen on the Admin side. However, if a user is set up for invoicing, they user will see the deposit on the first Invoice after the deposit has been applied. 

Setup Deposit Options

Refer to this wiki article to setup and manage your Deposit options. 

Apply Deposit Types

Now that your deposit types are in place, they can be applied to specific lots. To do so, go to the Parking Management Menu and hover over Lot Administration, then click on Pricing and Lot Admin.

Once in Pricing and Administration, select the lot you wish to apply the deposit to by clicking on the lot name. In this case we are selecting the Green Staff Lot East.

Once in Lot Administration, select the Zone & Location tab to view the available deposit types.

From the list of Deposits, click the deposit you wish to apply. You can select more than one deposit type by holding the Ctrl or Shift key and selecting the deposits you wish to apply.

Once the deposit type is associated to a lot, it will then be included in the purchase of a permit in that lot for admins only.

Let's have a look at a permit purchase with deposits in place. Go to a user's profile and select the Parking tab.

Click on Standard Parking Permit to begin the permit purchasing process. 

Select the lot you wish to register the client to. In this case we select the Green Staff Lot East

Once the lot is selected, click on Register Permit

The Confirm Parking Permit Registration window will appear. Note the two deposits are included and listed in the Total Owing costs.

Click on Purchase this Permit to begin the payment process.

Editing Assignable Text

In this step, the admin can record the access card and hang tag numbers. To do so, click on the Deposit Item name.

In this case click on Access Card Deposit: Enter access card number here.

In the Deposit Information pop-up window, enter the access card number in the Assigned Text field and click Update Deposit

Once entered, the number will now appear on the Payments screen under Deposits.

You may now proceed with the purchase in the usual manner.


If you remove the Permit from the payments screen, any associated deposit will also be automatically removed.