Active Deposit Report

This article walks you through how to use the active deposit report to find any outstanding or active deposits being used in your system as well as deposits that have been purchased. The deposits will only be shown when users are purchasing permits from the admin side system, and will need to be invoiced to users to be seen from the user side. 

Navigating to the Deposit Report

You can find the active deposit report by going to Parking Management → Reports → Active Deposit Report. 

From there the Deposit Report By Lot page will appear

Finding Outstanding Deposits

All the outstanding deposits within this report that have been forgotten during a sales window switch or have no active permit will be highlighted.

Any deposits that have been rolled over but have not been processed yet will be highlighted in yellow. 

Managing Active Deposits on the Users Profile

There are three different ways that admins can manage deposits depending on the actions required at the time. 


Refunding a deposit allows you to refund the amount paid by the user if their deposit is in good standing and they have finished parking with you. 


Consuming a deposit can be useful in two different scenarios when users have finished parking with you. 

A. The user is finished parking with you and has not returned their deposit or the deposit was not returned in good standing

B. The user has lost their deposit and is finished parking with you. 

Consuming deposits will not charge, refund, or renew the deposit to the users account since you are essentially consuming the amount they paid. 


Renewing a deposit is similar to consuming it, however, we would use this in the case that the user wants to continue parking with you but requires to pay for the deposit due to

A. Damages 

B. Misplacement