Deposit Options

Deposits can be collected on standard permits to cover costs for items such as Access Cards and Permanent Hang Tags.

Deposits can be managed from a page found under the Admin Options header.

Navigating to Deposits

To get to the Manage Deposits page:

  • Select the Admin Options icon
  • Select the Manage Deposit Types option
  • Select Manage Deposit Type from the drop-down menu

(Currently, this menu item cannot be accessed from any pages that are still in Beta.)

This will take you to the Manage Deposits page.

Creating New Deposits

On the Manage Deposits screen, new deposit types can be added by clicking Add Deposit Type. 

Fill out the information as needed and click Save Changes.

Below are descriptions of the different fields, but are not all required:

  • Label - The name that will be used to identify the deposit type. 
  • Placeholder Text - This field is optional. The prompt or sample information that will appear in the deposit information text (For more information, see this wiki page).
  • Flags - Toggles the ability to edit the Assignable Text field in the resulting active deposit record. This will appear in the user's profile. (See below)
  • Deposit Amount - The amount the deposit will cost.

Editing Existing Deposits

Click Edit to make changes to existing deposits.

Make any changes needed, then press Save Changes when finished.

See the information under Creating New Deposits in this article for more information on what the individual fields are used for.

Finding Deposit Usage 

A list of all deposits that have been setup and those currently in use can be viewed from the Manage Deposits page.

A deposit can only be deleted if it is not currently being used anywhere in the system.

Once a deposit has been assigned or used in the system, the option to delete it will no longer be available and will instead be replaced by a count of its usage.